The Hygiene Ratings system will help consumers choose where to eat from by giving them information about the hygiene standards. It isn’t easy to judge hygiene standards by appearances alone, so the rating gives you some idea of what’s going on in the kitchen, or behind closed doors.

Bhukkar runs the Hygiene Ratings initiative in partnership with third-party auditors from accredited & reputable companies.

Any restaurant that has a kitchen area where food is prepared can apply for a Hygiene Rating. This may include:

Fine Dining

Lounge / Pub / Bar/ Micro brewery/ Cocktail bar / Club

Casual dining


Delivery Only

Bakery / Beverage Shop / Food truck / Kiosk / Dessert parlor

Excellent – The highest expected level of hygiene practices

Very good – Very good hygiene practices. Minor areas need to be addressed.

Good – Good general standard of hygiene. Some non-critical areas need attention.

Unsatisfactory or Poor – A business with major hygiene issues. Needs to go through an improvement plan.

If you have a seasonal or special menu that changes every day (e.g. Chef’s Special), you can keep your customers up-to-date by uploading these menus via the Bhukkar app.

No, the feature to upload a Special Menu is free on the Bhukkar app.

Special Menus will appear alongside your regular menus on your restaurant page on the Bhukkar website and mobile apps.

You can reply to customer reviews, update restaurant information, run promotional offers, and add events or special menus of the restaurant.

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